New Weighing Legislation for Shippers and Ports (SOLAS)

A new amendment to the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) Convention is due to enter into force in July 2016.

In brief this new convention dictates that it is the shipper’s responsibility to submit the verified gross weight of containers before loading on to the ship. This verified gross weight is an additional requirement that replaces the existing standard method of calculating loads.

This change to the convention means that the weighing should take place before entering the port area and preferably by the shippers at the place of origin.

The key influence behind this change is safety as ports have confirmed that misdeclarations of container weight do occur and these then can result in serious safety risks.

This legislative need for weighing is a cause of concern for shippers and the like as they see a potential for it to slow down operations which will result in a cost burden.

However this convention does look like it will be implemented so those affected need to start planning efficient means of rapidly weighing containers on a large scale. This type of requirement falls directly into Weightron’s range of expertise and strengths. As the UK’s leading manufacturers of Weighbridges and part of the global Bilanciai group they have the resources and expertise to help solve this new legislative headache.

For more information about what we can offer please contact our head office and our technical team will help you plan for this SOLAS change.

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