Laboratory Scales

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  • Analytical balance ABS-N/ABJ-NM

    • Only ABJ-N: Automatic internal adjustment in the case of a temperature change > 2 °C and time-controlled every 4 hours
    • Only ABS-N: Adjusting program CAL, external test weights at an additional price
    • Dosage aid: High-stability mode and other filter settings can be selected
    • Simple recipe weighing and documenting with a combined tare/print function. In addition, the ingredients for the recipe are numbered automatically and printed out with their corresponding number and nominal weight
    • Identification number: 4 digits, printed on calibration protocol freely programmable
    • Automatic data output to the PC/printer each time the balance has obtained a stable weighing result

    Single-cell advanced technology:

    • Fully automatic manufactured weighing cell from one piece of material
    • Stable temperature behaviour
    • Short stabilisation time: Steady weight values within approx. 3 sec under laboratory conditions
    • Shock proof construction
    • High corner load performance
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  • Counter Scales

    Counter Scale mesures upto 30Kg made in Kenya, England and South Africa.

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  • Moisture analyser DBS

    • Drying program
      • Previous drying time
      • Current temperature
      • Unit of the shown result, e.g. moisture
      • Current moisture content in %
      • Drying mode/Status display drying
    • Halogen quartz glass heater 400 W
    • Observation window above the sample, useful during initial setting
    • Internal memory for automatic run of 10 drying programs and 100 drying processes already executed
    • The last value measured remains on the display until it is replaced by a new measurement
    • Sample description for up to 99 samples, 2 digits, freely programmable, and is printed in the measuring protocol
    • Date and time display as standard
    • 10 sample plates included
    • Application handbook: There are many practical examples in the user manual
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  • Precision balance EMB

    • Simple and convenient 2-key operation, making them ideal for use in schools and universities
    • Tare function facilitates formulation work
    • Particularly flat design
    • Secure and non-slip positioning with rubber feet
    • Ready for use: Batteries included. AUTO-OFF function to preserve the batteries, can be switched off
    • Ring-shaped draught shield standard, only for models with weighing plate size
      , weighing space ØxH 96×35 mm
    • Hook for underfloor weighing standard
    • KERN model EMB 500-1BE available as special “Black Edition” version
    • KERN model EMB 500-1GN available as special “Gnome-Edition” version
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  • XE-2

    XE is a Micro-Weighing scale with superior performance measuring up to 150~6000g weight.

    • Superior performance (Loadcell Protection Locker, Kensington Lock , Windshield)
    • Various interfaces(Remote display, IM-WORKS and various printers are connectable)
    • Easy power charging (Ni-MH rechargeable battery, DRY rechargeable battery can be used)

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